Under a Cloudless Sky

I loved this book.

Sometimes you just have to lead with that. 

From the start, this book vaguely reminded me of the film "Promised Land", which starred Matt Damon. "Promised Land" was the story of how a big corporation was trying to convince people to give up their way of life in the name of progress. "Under a Cloudless Sky" by Chris Fabry told a very similar tale...until it took a turn that hooked me even more.

The book alternates between 1933 and 2004, telling the story of two girls named Ruby and Bean. Ruby, an elderly woman in 2004, is looking back through the years and confronting some difficult memories. Those memories are veiled in mystery, a mystery that kept me turning pages until I polished off the book in two days.

We all want to route for the underdog, and I'm going to guess that we all want to see the everyday, "little man" win in the face of a big company. We also want to bring exploitation and abuse to light, to see wrongs righted and the innocent given a voice. The story that "Under a Cloudless Sky" tells gives the readers all those gifts. And it gives them wrapped in a beautiful, engrossing story. I am so glad I got to read it. 

*This book is set to release in January 2018*

Please note that Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.