Queen Victoria's Matchmaking

I remember my mom telling me that, when she was a teenager, her mom [aka my grandma] would approach lifeguards on the beach and brazenly introduce them to her daughters. At the time, I didn’t think anyone could top that level of bold matchmaking. Then I read “Queen Victoria’s Matchmaking” by Deborah Cadbury. Let’s just say Queen V could give my grandma a run for her money.

“Matchmaking” chronicles the efforts of Queen Victoria to orchestrate the marriages of her children and grandchildren. At its root was a desire to honor the vision of her beloved husband, Prince Albert, to bring unity in Europe through a network of marriages that would tie different countries and empires to each other. However noble the plan was, as the years passed and Queen Victoria found herself a widow destined to execute the plan on her own, things got more and more complicated...even messy.

This book succeeds in showing the overarching dynamics playing out in Europe at this time, as well as the intimate inner workings of a family that spread itself from England to Germany, Greece, Russia and numerous other countries. Each story, each individual member of the family, is more fascinating than the last. Seeing their love stories play out is more gripping still.

Cadbury tells a story that I knew very little of. So many of the names that star in this book were mere footnotes in my knowledge of history until I read this book. Within a few chapters, I found myself anxious to learn the fates of the colorful characters that made up one of the most intriguing families you will ever encounter. And I must admit, in spite of her shocking frankness and shameless interference, I was rooting for Queen Victoria’s Matchmaking to win out every time. Because you always have to root for grandma.