The Masterpiece

Boys meets girl. They fall in love and live happily ever after. So simple, right? Not if Francine Rivers has anything to say about it!


For years, Rivers has faithfully produced stories that tug at our like “A Voice in the Wind” and “When the Shofar Blew”. Most recently, “A Bridge to Haven”. Now, in her book that is set to release in January 2018, she is back and yes, still producing love stories that are both agonizing and glorious.


“The Masterpiece” follows two main characters. Roman is an artist with a troubled past who uses anger as a weapon and builds walls to make sure he is never hurt again. Grace is a struggling single mom with any equally complicated history. She chooses to hide from things that scare her, and often finds herself making choices that please others but ultimately harm her.


As you would expect, from the very start, Roman and Grace are set on a crash course into...well, each other. But there is so much more to their journey, starting with their separate struggles to understand the role God plays in their lives.


“The Masterpiece”, first, is a very enjoyable read. Rivers is an expert at cloaking her stories in mystery, in such a way that you find yourself turning page after page long after you should be asleep. She tells a story that moves quickly, and if the action doesn’t pull you along, the tug on your heart will. Second, though, and just as important, this book felt well-researched. It covers sensitive topics like childhood trauma, drug use, single motherhood, as well as exploring what the life of a graffiti artist is like. All were handled well, all treated with respect and I felt, without cliche.


Fans of Rivers may find that a novel set in the present day lacks some of the romantic muscle that, say “A Voice in the Wind” might have. But the characters of Roman and Grace are equal to the beloved names we all know from Rivers: Hadassah and Marcus, Paul and Eunice Hudson, Angel and Michael. You will find yourself rooting for them from the early pages of this novel. And with a heavy dose of spirituality, Rivers takes the book to a place that transcends place and time. Make room on your bookshelf for this one!


Please note that Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.