Habits of the Heart

365-day devotionals, or their cousin the daily rip-off calendar, can tend towards oversimplicity. Even if they are encouraging, I don't really expect them to delve deeply into spiritual issues or disciplines. And that is what makes "Habits of the Heart" stand apart from the crowd.

This devotional is broken down into weekly themes. Each one explores an essential spiritual theme, breaking it down into its finer points each day. For example, the week on "Practicing Self-Examination" features days like "What's In Your Heart?" and "Who Do You Want to Be?". I found this format easy to read, and it allowed me spend a good amount of time meditating on each concept.

The emphasis here is definitely on scripture, and the notes from the author are short and to the point. However, Butler has found a way to sneak in lots of helpful tips that I know will be useful for many modern users. She emphasizes using features like the reminder app on your phone to reinforce verses or ideas that are meant to be revisited day after day.

Speaking of modern, the design of this book looks like it came right off the set of Fixer Upper. The beautiful wood grain cover makes it either the perfect gift or something you can be proud to leave out in your home. At least for me, when it comes to little daily devotionals like this, design does play a part in whether or not I pick it up. This one gets an A+.

The truth is, we are all battling to make time in our day for spiritual discipline. "Habits of the Heart" is the perfect blueprint to guide you through that process.


*Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.