Dark Matter

1. Great writing
2. Great idea
3. Great ending
4. Great characters

Those are four of the things that I look for in a good book. You have to have at least one or two of them if I am going to feel that a book was any good. But when you have all four? That's when we get into five star territory. 

This book is so well written and takes twists and turns I never expected. And they worked! 

Jason, the main character, is an entirely approachable character. He has made choices in his career and home life that have reaped many benefits, but did not come without sacrifice. Anyone faced with difficult work-life balance problems will totally relate to this central theme in the book. Other characters were painted vividly, especially his wife Daniela and Amanda Lucas, whose role I will leave you to discover on your own. I loved Amanda in particular and thought we received just enough of her narrative to allow the imagination to wander about what wasn't shared.

The plot becomes increasingly complicated as the story unfolds, but it always feels tidy. You can tell that the author, Blake Crouch, took his time and developed his narrative with great care. This was no easy task with the material he covered.

For the record, I didn't actually buy into the science in the book. But as a work of fiction, it was done with excellence and I loved every page-turning second.

Read it if: You love a great concept and a great page turner.

Don't read if: You are sensitive to language (I could have done without it) or don't like thriller/mind-bending plots.

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