Sleeping Giants

When you wait for months on your library hold list for a book, you really (really, really) hope you like it. You hope it was worth it. "Sleeping Giants" TOTALLY was.

I first heard about this book on the popular podcast "What Should I Read Next". The plot sounded really interesting. A little girl takes off into the forest on her brand new bike and disappears, to be found hours later resting in a metal hand in a deep hole that has mysteriously and suddenly opened on the forest floor. Years later, that little girl grows up and is chosen to run a project whose mission is to find more metal body parts and determine their origin and purpose. 

What I didn't know about this novel, and what was a very pleasant surprise, was the structure. The story is told through interview transcripts and additional files. So most of the story is simply back and forth dialogue. How the author, Sylvain Neuvel, managed to use this style to tell an entire story, I cannot tell you. But he does, and he does it so well.

I am not a series girl. I prefer stand alone books. However, when I finished this one, I was desperate to get my hands on the second book in the Themis Files. There is just so much story left to tell. It seems like the deeper you get into the series, the more sci-fi it will get. The first book is all about unveiling the secrets of the sleeping giants, so the second book, Waking Gods, will likely be more action packed as the characters use their knowledge to move forward. And boy, do I want to move forward with them!

Read this book if: You like "light" sci-fi (it is not overwhelming in "Sleeping Giants"), if you like stories told in a unique way, if you want a book that reads fast but is by no means a shallow beach read.

Don't read this book if: You don't like books that get into science, or are looking for a more straightforward narrator-driven story.