Under a Summer Sky

Sometimes you really need a fun summer read. Something that won't weigh you down with heavy thoughts or fancy language. You know the type of book I'm talking about, the one where you kind of know the ending right from the start, where the love story unfolds with perfect precision, where problems are identified and solved within the confines of a few hundred pages. 

I know why these types of books are called beach reads. When I go on vacation, I want to read something that makes me feel good. And "Under a Summer Sky" does exactly that. It follows the story of Nicole, a high school art teacher, who [no surprise here] has recently experienced a break-up and is feeling stalled in her life. Then comes an offer she can't refuse to spend her summer working at an art gallery in Savannah for old family friends. Old family friends who just happen to have two handsome and eligible sons hanging around town.

This novel delivers everything you would expect from chicklit. Simple, sweet and satisfying. 

Read this book if: You love chicklit, want a quick easy read, like a romance that doesn't go PG-13 on you.
Don't read this book if: You are looking for high literature or want to be stretched or challenged in your reading life. Save this one for another day. Or if you are expecting Christian Fiction that actually gets spiritual. Sorry to say this one mentioned prayer a few times and that was about it.