Anatomy of an Affair

"This book is so important."

That's what I kept thinking as I read it. It's what I told my mom as I explained it to her on the phone this morning. It's what I told my husband over and over again as I passed along thoughts from the text.  

The fact is, whether your marriage is healthy or not, you can't be too careful about guarding it. I really value books that help to do just that. "Anatomy of an Affair" gave real instruction and practices that you can take right into your marriage and apply. It wasn't heavy on accusation towards either men or women, which some books can tend towards. It was a balanced view of a problem we all face: the close calls that are all around us, that can so easily undermine our marriages.

In many ways, this book reminded me of Andy Stanley's "Guardrails". It had the same practical advice and I recognized a lot of the tips as being the same. The benefit of "Anatomy" is that is a very easy, short read (I finished it in two days of on-and-off reading). I know I will be using so much of what I learned to strengthen and guard my marriage, and I'm sure anyone who picks up this book will as well.

Read this book if: You are married or planning to be married. We can all use these reminders.
Don't read this book if: This book may contain triggers for people struggling in difficult relationships. While it may help, it might be a good idea to talk to your pastor or counselor first before you start reading.