Things I Never Told You

There are secrets lurking just beneath the surface of this book, and I know it even before I open it. 

Thanks to a great title, "Things I Never Told You" had me excited from the first time I heard about it. I happened to start it over Memorial Day Weekend, and it had all the things I hoped for in a summer read. Great characters, a little romance, and a lot of mystery to keep the pages turning.

Beth Vogt did a great job of making me care about her characters, particularly the three who took on narrative roles. There is nothing quite as satisfying as spending your journey through a book rooting for people you care about. She took on big issues, like recovering from the loss of a family member and dealing with a cancer diagnosis, and did so with care and skill. The struggle felt real, and that is the mark of a good book.

In the end, the "things" mentioned in the title didn't turn out to be quite as shocking as I had expected. I wished Vogt had pushed the plot a little farther to make the payoff even more satisfying. But she did convince me that the secrets the main character had kept were important enough to her to alter her life. And I loved the redemption that followed their release.

If you are looking for a good book, particularly a chance to plug into a series with great characters (this is just the first of the Thatcher Sisters books), I would definitely recommend picking this one up.