The Struggle is Real.

What mom hasn't thought, at least a dozen times (okay a thousand), "the struggle is real"?! Nicole Unice's book takes this common phrase and embraces it. With the wisdom of a woman who knows her Bible, but the approachability of a girlfriend at the playground, she shares simple ways that women can find freedom and release from life's sticky situations.

I loved Unice's voice in this book. You just felt like she got it. She got you. She did a wonderful job of weaving personal anecdotes in with stories from scripture and more academic thoughts. Just when one method of communicating her thoughts might be getting stale, she switched to a new medium, keeping my attention. This means, of course, that she knows her audience. The busy mom whose attention span is...wait, nope, it's gone. So it mattered that she was able to pack a ton of information and helpful tips into a book that moved along.

Unice also included sections at the end of each chapter called "Keeping It Real". This was an opportunity for personal application that would be welcome for an individual reader or for a book club or Bible study group.

So the next time you find yourself cleaning melted gummy bears out of a car seat, or scrubbing crayon off your white walls, or answering the fiftieth "why" question of the day, just remember the struggle is real, but we're all on the same team. Then, just maybe, grab a copy of this book and charge up on Nicole Unice's good words of encouragement.

Tyndale House provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.