Hidden Among The Stars

Time-slip is a genre that has the power to grab you and not let you go, if it is done well. "Hidden Among The Stars", the new novel from Melanie Dobson, certainly is. 

Dobson takes her readers on two journeys that are set on a collision course (as time-slip novel duel story lines usually are). In the present, Callie Randall is a book store owner who loves books but often hides from real life challenges due to fear. Back in 1938, Luzia Weiss is a young Jewish woman on the cusp of fame due to her musical talent. Both Callie and Luzia will face their own set of challenges, and the decisions of one will lead the other on an adventure she never expected.

One of the things that was so attractive about this book was the setting. Dobson did a wonderful job of immersing readers in the setting, whether it was an adorable bookstore in 2018 or a fairy tale castle in Nazi-controlled Austria in 1938. Also, I couldn't decide which side of this story I liked better, and that is a high compliment. Often with books like this, I can't wait to return to my "favorite" side, which can make a book drag. Not so with "Hidden Among The Stars". And the ending was so satisfying.

The thing about this book is that it wasn't sappy. Dobson didn't insist on happy endings for everyone involved, nor did she sugar coat the struggles the characters faced. She managed to balance reality with hope, struggles with breakthrough. 

I did guess at the main plot points that were meant to shock the reader well before their revelation, but I don't think it took away from my enjoyment at all. Playing these secrets closer to her vest may have put Dobson's book over the top, but it was still extremely enjoyable and I will be passing it along to other lovers of the historical fiction/time slip genres.

*Tyndale Fiction provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.