The Lost Man

The mystery in Jane Harper’s “The Lost Man” plays out like a specimen under a microscope.

As the book’s cover promises, the story opens with “three brothers, one death, no answers.” You read what has happened [The accidental death? The murder?] and you know something is wrong, but you just can’t make sense of it. Then, things start to come into focus. With the precision of a lab technician, Harper slowly eases important facts into your line of vision. Things are a little clearer, a little clearer, and then suddenly, BAM! Clarity! Every piece of the mystery makes sense and wow, does the resolution feel good.

“The Lost Man” was a perfectly executed mystery from start to finish. The opening scene draws you right in and true to Jane Harper’s rep, the scenery was just as seductive. The main character was one to root for and the supporting cast was equal parts attractive and suspicious. You never knew quite where to point your finger OR if you should be pointing it at all. Agatha Christie would be proud.

This novel and its writing style were such an easy swallow that you could take it down in a weekend or maybe even one very ambitious day. You’ll want to read it quickly because you WILL want answers. Guaranteed.

Flatiron Books provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review