Outer Order, Inner Calm

Stay calm, folks...Gretchen Rubin has released a new book!

"Outer Order, Inner Calm" embraces the clean-up wildfire that was lit by Marie Kondo. But while Kondo feels idealistic, Rubin's take is one of a realist. It is a huge relief to read OO, IC and realize "I can do this!" Her tips are easy and practical.

If you've read Rubin's previous work, you know that she is kind of the queen of light bulb ideas, and this book holds up her reputation. It is formatted so that each page features one tip and so many were ones I applied immediately to my own cleaning efforts.

This is definitely a book of tips. So don't go into it expecting a memoir (please write another memoir like "The Happiness Project," Gretchen!) or a step-by-step guide to cleaning. Even though the book is divided into sections, each page very much stands alone as a single tip to apply to your attempts at outer order. Which totally works, as long as you're not expecting something else.

I totally subscribe to the idea that we feel better when the spaces that surround us are put in order. And like most of the world, finding that order is often a struggle. So this book and its simple format provided just the boost and inspiration I need to chase my outer order on the way to some serious inner calm. Thanks Gretchen!

*Penguin Random House provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.