Never Have I Ever


That is supposed to be the reaction to a book like "Never Have I Ever," right? And it was definitely mine as I made my way through the twists and turns of this thriller.

It is safe to say that fans of books like "Big Little Lies" will find a happy [if unsettling] home in this book. The whole suburban mama with a closet full of skeletons motif is alive and well in Joshilyn Jackson's new novel. This particular take on that genre features a lovable, flawed main character named Amy. Amy looks to have it all: a happy family, a great job and friends all within a few blocks of her home. That is, until a creepy villainess decides to drop in on her book club meeting and turn her world upside down. All the necessary chaos ensues as Amy rushes to keep her secrets swept under the rugs of her making.

There were several twists in this book, and while I did catch on to a few, the BIG one shocked me. So props to Jackson for that. She also created a character I could root for. Even if I find the idea of keeping secrets from loved ones to be hard to believe, she did a good job of raising the stakes for Amy in a way that was pretty believable. And I hated the bad guy...I mean, girl. Jackson nailed that. I was also satisfied with the ending. So, all in all, I would say this book would make a great weekend read, preferably at the beach (Amy scuba dives, so proximity to the ocean will only enhance this one).

Quick note- there were some sensitive subjects in this one, so if you're a sensitive reader, be kind to yourself and do some research before you dive in.

*Harper Collins provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.