Nifty [Book] Gifties for Christmas: Nonfiction

Black Friday is approaching and that means…CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! When I think about the perfect Christmas gift, I always-always-always think of books. And I truly believe there is a book for everyone.

I am going to hit both sides of the spectrum, fiction and non, in the coming weeks. But today, we are talking nonfiction. Hopefully you can find something in this list to satisfy everybody on your nice list.

FOR THE FOODIES…You just can’t top Ruth Reichl in the food category. Her memoirs are heartfelt and beautifully written. This particular book is blended with enough recipes to get any cook through the winter and beyond.


FOR THE HANDYMAN…My husband loves these books. The guy knows what he’s talking about, and they come in a boxed set, so they look a little nicer than your average fix-it book.


FOR THE DECORATOR …This hot-off-the-press book is filled with beautiful pictures that have totally inspired me as I decorate my new house. The cool thing is that, unlike a lot of design books, the writing is just as much fun as the pictures.


FOR THE NATURE LOVER…I loved that this book was both practical and pretty. I love getting outside, and this book had great ideas for how to do just that. It also fills you in on all of the benefits of outdoor living, and provides fun playlists and book ideas for every season.


FOR THE FUNNY TV LOVER…Did you know that Ellie Kemper had a background in writing? That’s right, folks, she’s not just the super cute secretary from The Office! I binged this book in a day, and it was an absolute joy.


FOR THE REALITY TV LOVER…It might seem weird to recommend a political book in this category, but let’s get honest, here. This book wasn’t even a little political. It is the story of a young Obama staffer whose life decisions leave the reader with that same wonderful-icky feeling that a Bravo show would.


FOR THE FAITH LOVER…If you want to take a slightly different spin on a Christian book, and the person you’re buying for is in their 30s, you pretty much can’t miss with this pop culture-faith fusion book from the host of The Popcast with Knox and Jamie.


FOR THE HISTORY LOVER…Bobby Kennedy’s life and career have always been fascinating to me. As the political scene gets crazier and crazier, this is a great look at someone who was dedicated to making a difference in the world.