Trick or Read

  1. An Acceptable Time

    There was a ton of buzz in the #bookstagram world about “A Wrinkle in Time” this year, and rightfully so. BUT. “An Acceptable Time” is a little more grown up and is positively dripping with autumn vibes. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is spooky, but there are sinister undertones that work perfectly for a Halloween read. I pull this one out every year on the 31st.

  2. The Devil in the White City

    Looking to go the nonfiction route? Look no further than this ultra-creepy true story from the Chicago World’s Fair. I mean, we’re talking serial killer who REALLY LIVED AND BREATHED AND DID THIS STUFF. I don’t even know if I’m brave enough to read it on Halloween. If you are, do.

  3. Rebecca

    “Rebecca” is everywhere these days. Why? Because there are few books so immersed in setting and character and MOOD FOR DAYS. This book is dusty and cobwebby (it’s a word) and there are secrets galore. And romance too. So if you want to pick the one off this list that has a little “he loves me, he loves me not,” this one is for you.

  4. And Then There Were None

    You can’t go wrong with anything Agatha. If you have the time, you can make your way through the entire Hercule Poirot series from the start (Do it on audio. You’re welcome.). If you only have time for one though, this is it. It does everything good that Agatha Christie is famous for (fast developing plots that wizz by in a few hours and mysteries that often feel positively unsolvable), with a little extra va-va-voom. Oh, and in case you’re tempted to go this direction, trust me and save “Murder on the Orient Express” for a snowy winter day.

  5. The Screwtape Letters

    What happens when the devil and his nephew demon are pen pals? This book happens, that’s what. And listen, this is not a sermon, but if we are going to have a holiday that involves ghosts and witches and other things we probably shouldn’t be dabbling with to begin with, it’s probably not a bad idea to recenter with the guy who understood spiritual warfare better than most, C.S.Lewis. Just a little reminder that it’s all fun and games…until it’s not.