Can I be honest?

I have absolutely nothing to say. I don’t know the last time I experienced this level of writers’ block. I know people say that isn’t a thing, but at this moment, it feels painfully real. No idea takes root. No paragraph feels right when I read it again.

It’s a scary thing, because you wonder, will it come back? Will I ever feel the ease of a good hour of writing? Have fun bringing a thought to the paper? It doesn’t feel within my power.

I’ve been sitting with this computer on my lap, wondering what to say. Opening up different projects, closing them again. Nothing takes. So this is it. I have to write. It kills me not to. So, even if what I am writing about is not being able to write, I’ll do it.

I’m praying the words come back. I’m desperate for them to come back. I’ll be here when they do.